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    The Hiram Code & Anointing, Part 1

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    Could the Phoenicians have been the ones who really discovered America? How is it possible that Native Americans share DNA markers with the Hebrew people? Pastor Ron Phillips answers all these questions and more as he uncovers the mysterious Hiram Code. Hiram, the great Phoenician king, blessed Israel and it released a powerful 600-year season of favor on his nation. You can learn how to apply that blessing to your life!

    Our special offer today is the complete message, “The Hiram Code and Anointing” and a tallit made in the Holy Land. In the nearly hour long teaching on “The Hiram Code and Anointing,” Pastor Ron Phillips lays out biblical and historical evidence that the Phoenicians and Jews could have sailed to America to trade and bring back gold.  He also shows you the key of the Hiram Code and how it releases prosperity and blessing.

    As we discovered in today’s message, the Gentile Hiram was blessed by blessing Israel. You can bless Israel, too, when you purchase a tallit, made in the Holy Land. Your purchase of this prayer shawl not only brings business to the people of Israel, but it helps Pastor Ron to continue broadcasting on TV and the internet.

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